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arfe Sometimes it may be necessary to keep different articles or documents except, of which only you should have access within the home. These material goods should be kept in a safe place and what better place than a safe hidden in any room of our house.

There are different types of safes, depending on your location, where they are going for and the level of security they are the same. All are manufactured with extremely heavy and hard metal and consists of a security system whereby only by a secret key that will open a safe.

arfe2 Arfe offers a great number of models of safes. Depending on their size and location we embed safes, rim or closet. Boxes of embedding are oriented, as its name indicates, to embed in a wall and leave them sealed covers with a box, for example (as in movies). Overlapping boxes are boxes of smaller size and are often used to introduce into a piece of furniture (such as hotels). And the cabinet that are larger and are designed to introduce them in closets.

The system for opening each of them, now is digital and is based on the introduction of a series of numbers and letters that open the door.

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Arfe, high-quality safes and security, security systems, spain wall open how

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